KDE Applications 17.08 Gets First Point Release, More Than 20 Bugs Got Squashed

As expected, KDE Applications 17.08.1 is a bug fix release, addressing various of the bugs, crashes, and other issues reported by users since the launch of the KDE Applications 17.08 stable series in mid-August 2017. Numerous KDE apps received improvements, including bug not limited to Akonadi, Minuet, Akregator, Kdenlive, Ark, Cantor, Cervisia, Gwenview, JuK, Umbrello, Okular, Konsole, and Kontact. Besides shipping with all those improvements, the KDE Applications 17.08.1 point release also includes KDE Development Platform 4.14.36 LTS. If you’re curious to know what’s been changed since KDE Applications 17.08, we suggest studying the full changelog on the release announcement page, where you can also grab the source tarballs if you want to compile any of the apps.