Laura and Me

“I wrote once that I wanted to be a tech analyst when I grew up,
because no one seems to expect them to get their facts right. That,
I reasoned, would make it an easy gig. I could lean back in my
chair, put my feet up on the desk, and just make things up. Why
research? And people would actually print it as if it were true.
And next time they wanted to know something, they would call me up
again, even though I called it completely wrong the last time, had
huge gaps in my knowledge, got random but truly vital facts utterly
wrong, and said the opposite of what is observably true.

“And we have another fine example this morning, from the lovely
and tireless Laura DiDio of Yankee Group. That’s if the journalist
got it right. One never knows with LinuxInsider. In an article by
Kimberly Hill of LinuxInsider on TechNewsWorld about the Microsoft
patent saber rattling and how Ubuntu isn’t buying it, it suggests
that Laura DiDio of Yankee Group says that I did the OSRM patent
study three years ago. That is not true. I wasn’t even involved
peripherally. I didn’t even read the report before it was
published. (Red Hat isn’t either, by the way, nor Mandriva…)”


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