Linus interview at Kaplan Careers

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for this link. ]

“Linus Torvalds was a 21-year-old college student in his native
Finland when, unhappy with his personal computer’s performance, he
invented LINUX, a open source code operating system. That system
which he allowed people to access freely, has become one of the
biggest talks of the tech world and the one thing that seems to
make Microsoft nervous. BrassRing.com recently spoke with
Torvalds via–what else–email.

“How did you come to invent Linux?”

“It grew out of personal interest and personal need. I started
out trying to find UNIX for my home PC and failed miserably. What I
found was too expensive and not very user-friendly; it was
developed and marketed for corporations–large financial
institutions and universities, things like that. Nobody seemed to
be at all interested in real users. I was used to writing my own
stuff, so one of my projects just expanded into what was later to
be Linux.”

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