Linux 4.14.10 and 4.9.73 LTS Kernels Are Available to Download, Update Now

While Linux kernel 4.9.73 LTS is a small patch that changes a total of 22 files with 191 insertions and 56 deletions, the Linux 4.14.10 kernel is a major one, changing no less than 116 files, with 4023 insertions and 3424 deletions. According to the appended shortlog, most of the changes included in Linux kernel 4.14.10 are related to merging of the x86 low-level prep for kernel page table isolation. Apart from the x86 updates, Linux kernel 4.14.10 adds various improvements to the ARM64 (AArch64), PA-RISC, UM, PowerPC (PPC), and UniCore32 hardware architectures, updates ACPI, CLK, GPU (Intel i915 and Sun4i), MFD, Ethernet, NVDIMM, SPI, PCI, and PINCTRL drivers, as well as both the crypto and sound stacks. On the other hand, Linux kernel 4.9.73 LTS brings only a couple of x86 updates, along with a dozen of updated drivers.

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