Linux Kernel 4.11.2 Has Many F2FS and CIFS Improvements, Lots of Updated Drivers

Linux kernel 4.11.2 adds various improvements to Samsung’s F2FS file system, along with some small bug fixes to CIFS, EXT4, Ceph, crypto, JBD2, OrangeFS, OverlayFS, pstore, xattr, IOMap, and DAX. It also adds a bunch of enhancements to the x86, ARM64 (AArch64), ARM, and PowerPC (PPC) hardware architectures, and ships with the usual core kernel, tools and mm changes, as well as an updated networking stack with better Bluetooth support. Lots of drivers have been updated in the Linux 4.11.2 kernel, including those for InfiniBand (Marvell MLX4, Intel HFI1, IPoIB), crypto, Bluetooth (Broadcom and Intel), ATA, DAX, MD, Non-Volatile Dual In-line Memory Module (NVDIMM), staging (gdm724x, vt6656, wilc1000), iSCSI, TTY (amba-pl011, omap-serial, Samsung), VFIO, and USB devices.