Linux Kernel 4.4.28 LTS Released with Many Improvements to the CIFS File System

Looking at the changes, we can notice that the Linux 4.4.28 LTS kernel release adds various improvements to the PowerPC (PPC), x86, ARM64 (AArch64), ARC, MIPS, METAg, PA-RISC, and s390 hardware architectures, better support for the CIFS file system, along with small fixes to the Ceph, JBD2, EXT4, NFS, OverlayFS, and ISOFS filesystems. But there are also come core kernel, mm, sound, and perf enhancements. Other than that, Linux kernel 4.4.28 LTS ships with many updated drivers, this time for things like s390, SCSI, fbdev, IRQ Chip, ACPI, GPIO, CPUFreq, MD, MMC, MTD, PCI, and networking (Ethernet Broadcom bnx2x and Mellanox mlx4, but also Wireless Realtek rtlwifi).