Linux Kernels 4.14.13, 4.9.76, and 4.4.111 Bring More Security Fixes, Update Now

Linux kernels 4.14.13, 4.9.76 LTS, and 4.4.111 LTS are now available for download from kernel.org, and they include more fixes against the Spectre security vulnerability, as well as some regressions from the Linux 4.14.12, 4.9.75 LTS, and 4.4.110 LTS kernels released last week, as some reported minor issues. These issues appear to be fixed now, so it’s safe to update your Linux-based operating systems to the new kernel versions released today, which include more x86 updates, some PA-RISC, s390, and PowerPC (PPC) fixes, various improvements to drivers (Intel i915, crypto, IOMMU, MTD), and the usual mm and core kernel changes.