LinuxMall.com: Netscape 6: Picked or Panned?

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“To cheers, cat-calls and hisses from Slashdot respondents,
Netscape Communications released its Open Source Netscape 6 preview
release 1 for download from Netscape Netcenter.
The new
Navigator is described in the company’s press release as “an
important new product that provides new innovations for users and a
cross-platform/cross-device, Open Source, customizable browser the
can be used by any company in the industry free of charge.””

“The only thing Slashdot’s users agree on is that it’s free.
Referring to the markup language used in the brower, respondents
seemed divided over whether Navigator 6 supports dynamic hypertext
markup language (DHTML). Some were pleased that Netscape supports
extensible markup language (XML), however.”

“Some respondents commented about Navigator’s speed, with
Jaybill proclaiming that Netscape 6 “is running circles around
Internet Explorer (IE).” Another respondent, bbcat, disagreed. “As
far as I can see, this thing crawls big time if you have both the
browser and the mail program opened.””