LinuxPlanet: New Project Hopes to Quell EU Open Source Patent Concerns

“Borrowing a concept from a very popular open source site, Open
Source Risk Management (OSRM) has launched a study today that’s
designed to assess whether current European laws regarding
technology patents actually do what they’re supposed to and protect
true innovation rather than corporate interests.

“The study, according to Daniel Egger, Founder and Chairman of
OSRM, is an integral part of addressing what he feels are the
growing concerns many software developers and open source end users
have regarding patent litigation.

“OSRM will host the project at Grokline.net. There, the project
will help to trace the technical history and identify the inventors
of key Open Source technologies, and determine whether the European
Patent Office (EPO) has accurately granted patents to the true
inventors. Results will be posted to Grokline and presented to the
newly elected European Parliament in early 2005…”