LinuxPR: Alta Technology Announces Rackmount Linux Cluster Modules

R-Cluster (TM) Modules Provide Scalable and Reliable
Supercomputer Alternative.

“Alta Technology’s popular AltaCluster systems are now available
as rackmountable cluster modules (R-Cluster). R-Cluster modules are
available using Intel’s Pentium III, AMD’s K7, or Compaq’s Alpha
processor, providing users with a variety of price and performance
choices. The R-Cluster combines scalable performance and unique
management capabilities to form reliable multi-processor systems.
Implementing standard PCI technology and the powerful Linux
operating system, R-Cluster technology provides supercomputer
performance at a lower cost of ownership. R-Cluster modules are
ideal for use in complex data processing and analysis

“According to Clark Roundy, Vice President of Marketing and
Sales at Alta Technology, “In addition to cost savings over
conventional supercomputers, a major advantage of the R-Cluster
system is its scalability.” As a company grows and the need for
greater performance is increased, more nodes are easily added to
the system. He continues, “However, as many clustered system users
have found, lower price does not always justify the use of a
clustered system. System usability, reliability, and the overall
cost of administering and maintaining a clustered system are
important factors in choosing a system platform. Alta’s focus is to
provide a platform that reduces the total cost of ownership and not
just the initial cost.”