LinuxPR: Zend Optimizer for PHP 4.0 Now Available

“Free Download at Zend.com.”

“Zend Technologies Ltd.today released the Zend Optimizer, now
available for free download… The Zend Optimizer speeds up the
execution of PHP code and is now available in a version compatible
with the current beta 4 release of PHP 4.0. The Zend Optimizer uses
multi-pass code optimizations to double the running speed of PHP
4.0 applications. This is done by running several optimization
passes on the code, created by the run-time compiler, before the
code is executed.

“An application that uses the Zend Optimizer typically executes
40 percent to 100 percent faster than one that doesn’t…”

“‘Zend Optimizer is our first product in a series of modules
that increase Web site application performance,’ said Doron
Gerstel, CEO of Zend Technologies.”