LinuxWorld: Portrait of a penguinista as a young man, The story of Linux Today

“Joe Barr caught up withe Dave Whitinger — at the ZD Open
Source Forum in the summer, at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in
the fall, and shortly after the sale of his successful Linux news
site, Linux Today….”

I had heard about the sale the day it happened, but I
didn’t realize that Dave would no longer be associated with Linux
Today. When I read that news a day or so later on Linux Weekly
News, I was immediately concerned for him. I thought perhaps there
had been a palace revolt, or a coup, or a tearing of the sheets
that had made him persona non grata at his own creation.

“So I hurriedly wrote a note in which I said, “I hope this is a
good thing for you. I imagine you now as a Linux millionaire with
the opportunity to enjoy life and family and the freedom to do
exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it.” My fears were
put to rest when he responded, “That’s exactly the case.”

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