MAME 0.183 Open-Source Arcade Machine Emulator Supports Incredibly Rare Systems

MAME 0.183 is a maintenance and feature release of the software project that promises to add numerous functionality improvements, a bunch of bug fixes, and some new additions, such as support for some incredible rare systems, including Omega, Dodge Man, Flash Boy, Sega Sonic Cosmo Fighter, Galaxy Games StarPak 3, and Puzznic. The new MAME release also adds support for various handheld/electronic toys games, among which we can mention Touch Me from Atari, Lakeside Le Boom, I Took a Lickin??? From a Chicken from LJN, as well as GAF Melody Madness. MAME 0.183 also addresses various issues that some users reported with modifiers, which didn’t work properly in natural keyboard mode.