Meld 1.7.4 Introduces Support for Subversion 1.8

Among the new features introduced by version 1.7.4 or Meld, a visual merge and diff utility targeted at developers, we can mention support for Subversion 1.8, as well as Bazaar support for pushing changes. Moreover, the type-ahead-find search has been modified to work in folder comparisons, improvements to the commit dialog were added to automatically wrap commit messages, support for Arch, Codeville and RCS has been dropped from Meld 1.7.4, and the preference to swap pane order left = local has been added.

Among the bugs squashed in Meld 1.7.4, we can mention that new tabs are brought to front when opening them from the command-line, current chunk highlight is now customizable using gtkrc, syncpoints now prevent chunks from being re-merged, syncpoints move with insertions, and automatic update was disabled. Meld 1.7.4 also get various version control updates and fixes, sensitivity fixes, as well as translation string fixes. The following translations have been updated in Meld 1.7.4: Spanish, Greek, Galician, Czech, Slovenian and Polish.