Modernize Your Intrusion Detection Strategy with an AI-Powered, Open-Source NIDS

As 2020 comes to an end, cyber risk has reached an all-time high, and intrusion detection has never been more essential in securing networks and preventing attacks and breaches. Cyber criminals??? methods, tactics and techniques are evolving to become increasingly stealthy and sophisticated, and more organizations than ever are turning to AI-based intrusion detection systems to beef up their security defenses, outsmart the ???bad guys??? and protect their critical servers, systems and data.

Forty-four percent of organizations worldwide are now using some form of AI to detect and deter attacks on their networks – an impressive number given that AI-based intrusion detection technology is still under active development. To help you modernize your intrusion detection strategy heading into the new year, we’ll examine the benefits and potential drawbacks of implementing an AI-powered network intrusion detection system (NIDS) and introduce you to a fast and flexible open-source NIDS we love called AIEngine. But first, let’s quickly review the basics.