Neptune Linux 4.5.2 ISO Adds Kernel 3.18.40, Icedove 45, Updated Graphics Stack

Neptune 4.5.2 ISO image is now available for download, and it looks like it introduces a bunch of new enhancements, such as the implementation of the PulseAudio sound server system by default to offer support for more sound cards, and an updated graphics stack with new Intel, AMD Radeon, and Nvidia (Nouveau) video drivers. Also new in the Neptune 4.5.2 ISO image is the addition of the long-term supported Linux 3.18.40 kernel, Chromium 52 web browser, Icedove 45 email and news client, KDELibs 4.14.22 libraries for the KDE4 desktop environment, Skanlite 1.0 scan application, and Hedgewars 0.9.22 game.