New Developer Economics Survey Q2 2018 now open

Developer Economics Survey Q2 2018 Is Now Open, Calling All Developers to Shape the Future of Software Development

SlashData’s latest survey calls out developers to voice their opinions about the trends in skills, tools, and platforms for a chance to win iPhone X, Samsung S9 Plus, and more prizes.

London, UK – (May 17, 2018) Developer Economics survey Q2 2018 is now open at https://s.developereconomics.com, inviting all developers to take the survey today and voice their opinions about platforms, apps, languages, tools, APIs, and more. Developers who take the survey have a chance to win an iPhone X, Samsung S9 Plus, HTC Vive Pro, GitHub 12 month developer program, Udemy vouchers and other prizes. The survey is open to hobbyists, students, and professional software developers engaging in Mobile, Desktop, IoT, AR/VR, Machine Learning & Data Science, Web, Backend, and Games.

Developers who join the 30,000 member-strong Developer Economics community at https://www.developereconomics.com can benefit from exclusive member-only survey prizes. Additional perks are available for those who join the survey’s Referral Program https://s.developereconomics.com/referral/ in the form of cash rewards. Results of this survey will be published in the upcoming 15th edition of the State of the Developer Nation report in Q3 2018.

This is the 15th edition of SlashData’s semi-annual survey. Developer Economics is one the largest independent developer surveys out there; no vendor, community or partner owns the survey or data. Each year, Developer Economics survey attracts over 40,000 software developers from over 160 countries around the world. Top 100 tech companies such as IBM, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Intel, and others rely on insights from the Developer Economics survey to identify future trends in software development and shape their developer marketing programs.

For the Developer Economics Q2 2018, SlashData partnered with top developer communities: Amazon/Alexa, Microsoft, Intel, Azure, Apptractor, Catchy, Belatrix, Sitepoint, Ubuntu, Dzone, EasyAR, IoT meetup Korea, Pivotal, and many others. Developer communities of all sizes are invited to join Media Partner program and support the survey at https://s.developereconomics.com/partners/.

About SlashData

SlashData https://www.slashdata.co/ formerly known as VisionMobile) is the leading analyst firm in the developer economy, tracking global software developer trends via the largest, most comprehensive developer surveys worldwide. SlashData’s research helps the top technology firms understand who developers are, what tools are they using and where they’re going next. Developer Economics is SlashData’s flagship research program reaching more than 40,000 software developers annually in over 150 countries across all platforms, technologies and developer segments, from mobile, IoT, cloud, and desktop to games, AR/VR, and machine learning.

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