New Linux app to transfer files over any network

SilFer File Transfer is a powerful free application in the area of transferring files between devices (PC and smart phone). SFT is available for the Windows, Android, Mac OS X and Linux system and in March 2017 will be available for IOS. SFT is a very simple application to use, requiring any user only 25 seconds to learn how to use the application. It supports the sending of any type of file and of any size.

Only application that supports multiple (sending and / or receiving) transfers between multiple devices simultaneously. With SFT a user may be sending files (may be different) to multiple devices at the same time, and at that same time the user may be receiving files from multiple devices.

SilFer is the only one that allows other devices to view and play back your music, photos, videos and documents that you share. Imagine your friend telling you to send all the songs he likes. You will not waste your time looking for or playing each song to see if he likes it or not. Simply SilFer allows you to share all your songs and your friend will have access to these songs and he can play each one and if he likes it, he will download to his device. Still imagine that you have 10 movies and each of your friends wants to watch one but they do not have enough space to transfer to their devices, with SilFer you will simply have to share these 10 movies so each person can play the movie he likes without downloading to his device.

The user does not need an internet connection to make transfers. SilFer allows the user to create their own hotspot network (Windows and Android) and allows the user to transfer on any network. SilFer also supports transfer over WiFi-Direct on Android.
It supports transfer continuity at any time. Very important in cases of errors, when a file already exists in the device of the receiver or when a user has for example 300GB to send then he can send 150GB at a time and then send the rest at another instant, day, month or year.

SilFer is the only one that allows the user to choose any folder to receive the files at the time of transfer. This feature is very important because every user always wants to have each type of file in a specific location.
It allows the user to choose a file and send to multiple devices simultaneously. Very important when the user needs to send the same files to multiple devices. Instead of selecting the same files 100 times to send to 100 devices, select 1 time and send to 100 devices simultaneously.

The application also includes chat, and allows you to establish connections using QR code.