Nexus S 4G Welcomed Back into Android Open Source Project

A happy bit of news today from Android developer Jean-Baptiste Queru, the CDMA variant of the Nexus S (more commonly known as the Nexus S 4G) has officially been reinstated as fully supported by the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Readers may recall that there was a bit of a stir in February when it was announced the CDMA versions of the Nexus devices, including the Galaxy Nexus (currently only available as a CDMA device in the US) were no longer being supported by AOSP. This didn’t mean those devices were no longer going to be getting updates from Google, but rather, that they required proprietary software modules which couldn’t be distributed with the open source code that makes up Android. This posed considerable logistical problems when building and distributing firmware images for those devices, so the decision was made to drop them.

But in today’s posting, Jean-Baptiste Queru made the somewhat unexpected announcement that those problems had been resolved for the Nexus S 4G: …(cont.)