No More Room in Hell – Free Steam Horror-Themed Game

No More Room in Hell is a horror-themed, cooperative zombie survival shooter which is available freely for Linux on the Steam platform. NMRIH started as a Half-Life 2 mod in 2011, and was released as a standalone game for Steam on October 2013.


The game is based on Valve’s Source Engine, and has modern graphics and lots of gore, with online multi-player mode only. However, you can start your server and play in single-player as well, but it’s not as fun as the cooperative mode.


The game’s motto, ???When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth??????, is inspired from the 1978 horror movie Dawn of the Dead.

You can choose to play with one of the five different characters available. The game comes with melee weapons like the kitchen knife, fire axe, crowbar, machete or chainsow, four pistols, shotguns, rifles, and explosives like the grenade or the cocktail molotov. These can be picked up from around the map.


The game evolves as waves of zombies spawn in various areas of the map, and you and your teammates have to cut your way through. In the other game mode, Objective, your team has to accomplish objectives in order to get get rescued.

One of the unique and key features of the game is the ability to ???bash??? or to ???shove??? an enemy opponent. Bashing a zombie that immobilized you will push him back, breaking the hold that it has on you.

Configuring – the typical options characteristic to Valve’s games:


To enable the console by pressing the tilde (`) key, go to Options-Keyboard, click the Advanced??? button, and then check the Enable developer console option.


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