Nvidia 460.32.03 Display Driver Adds Support for RTX A6000 GPUs, Vulkan Improvements

For all supported platforms, the Nvidia 460.32.03 video driver adds support for NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPUs, introduces a new default disk cache location for the OpenGL/Vulkan Shader and changes its default size from 128MB to 1024MB, and changes the AllowEmptyInitialConfiguration option to ???True??? by default to avoid failures when launching the X server if no displays are connected. Moreover, Nvidia 460.32.03 better supports apps that transfer data between VDPAU video surfaces and system memory by improving the NVIDIA VDPAU implementation when using planar or semi-planar formats, and adds a new ???NoInterlacedModes??? token to the driver’s ???ModeValidation??? option to restrict the validation of interlaced modes.