openSUSE Tumbleweed Users Get Linux 4.9.7, GCC 6.3.1, Wine 2.1, and New Vulkan

It would appear that a total of six snapshots have been published since last time we told you what goodies have arrived for Tumbleweed, and they brought even more of the latest GNU/Linux and Open Source technologies. For example, the operating system is now powered by Linux kernel 4.9.7, and users have also received the latest NetworkManager 1.6.0, NetworkManager-applet 1.4.4, GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 6.3.1, Mercurial 4.1, Wine 2.1, Epiphany 3.22.6, Krita, Snapper 0.4.3, GStreamer 1.10.3, as well as Vulkan