OReilly.com: My Conversation with Jeff Bezos

“My February 29 column about Amazon’s patents on
oreilly.com, and the overwhelming support from all of you,
certainly got Amazon’s attention. I got a polite but short reply
when I sent my first, private letter back in January. Yesterday, I
got a call from Jeff. We talked for over an hour and a

“This is my report on that call…”

“To cut the suspense short, while I don’t think that we’re all
the way to a happy ending, we had an extremely productive
conversation. We each made some important points that resonated
with the other, and while our central disagreement remains
unresolved, I think that we’ve laid out the issues in a way that
will lead to fruitful further discussion. I’m hopeful that you will
also regard this conversation as progress, and stay with us as we
try to take it all the way through to a conclusion.”

“First off, Jeff wanted to explain why he thought 1-click was
original enough to patent…”