Parted Magic Disk Partitioning Live CD Updated with Linux 4.11.4, ZFS on Linux

Powered by the latest Linux 4.11.4 kernel, Parted Magic 2017_06_12 includes all sorts of up-to-date components, including the Clonezilla 3.25.11 partition and disk imaging/cloning program, Wxfixboot 2.0.1 tool for modifying and fixing bootloaders, as well as DDRescue-GUI 1.7.1 graphical user interface for GNU ddrescue. On top of that, the new Parted Magic updated ISO snapshot ships with zfs-linux drivers and a screen magnifier, FileZilla 3.25.1 as default FTP program instead of gFTP, and it looks like the X.Org components have been updated to their latest versions. Many bugs and security vulnerabilities have been fixed in Parted Magic 2017_06_12.