PC World: Building the World’s Biggest Encyclopedia

“Nupedia is creating an online knowledge resource in the
spirit of the open-source movement.”

“The philosophy of the open-source movement is spreading within
the industry. Now, a maker of a Web-based encyclopedia wants to
apply its principles to share knowledge in general.”

“Officially opened on Thursday, the Nupedia Web site seeks to
become “the world’s largest encyclopedia,” according to Larry
Sanger, editor-in-chief.”

“Eventually, Nupedia will offer an online searchable database
organized alphabetically and by topic, covering just about
everything you could think of. It carries no original material yet,
but its organizers expect the site will be completely up and
running within the next three to six months. For now, visitors who
search the site for information will be referred to other Web sites
as resources.”

“As an open-source project, Nupedia is open to all forms of