PRNewswire: BeComputing Announces its Incorporation, the Acquisition of Ornaco Technologies…

“BeComputing, Inc. announced today that it has finally
incorporated from a sole proprietorship. BeComputing has also
finalized its acquisition of Ornaco Technologies, a consulting firm
in Los Angeles, founded in 1996. Ornaco specialized in network,
e-commerce and sales force automation consulting. With this merger,
the consulting efforts will be concentrated on e-commerce and
network integration using their extensive background in Linux.
BeComputing strives to become a leader in Linux solutions.
Consulting services will continue to be available in the greater
Los Angeles area.”

“BeComputing also announced today the availability of two new
products. BeComputing now offers Yeong Yang cases through its
website. Yeong Yang cases have won many awards and are well
respected throughout the industry. AMD, MSI and Intel specifically
recommend Yeong Yang cases for use with their components.
BeComputing is the premier source of Yeong Yang cases in Southern
California and the Internet.”

Press Release