Review: Flock–Open Source Social Media Browser

“If you are a social media hound you probably have a Flickr
Uploader, a web browser chock full of extensions, maybe a Twitter
client like Twhirl, and a slew of other tools for interacting on
the web. Maybe it’s time to consolidate all these tools into your
web browser. That’s where Flock comes in it’s a web browser for the
collaborative web.

“Flock is an open source web browser built on the same Mozilla
architecture that Firefox is built on so many of Flock’s features
should be familiar, like tab-based browsing and the ability to add
extensions. However, there are a number of cool new features that
appeal to the social networking crowd Flock: Open Source Social
Media Web Browser. First their are additional tools that can
displayed in a tool bar on the left hand side of your browser (RSS
reader, People feed, Web Clipboard, and a media bar that displays
your photos and video across the top of your browser window…”