Roaring Penguin Sofware’s CanIt 9.22 release improves support for Office365 and Google Apps

Roaring Penguin Software Inc.,is pleased to announce the release of CanIt 9.2.2.

Major New Features include:

* CanIt now supports SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme), making it feasible to use CanIt in front of a back-end server that performs SPF checks. SRS rewrites the sender envelope to allow Hosted Services to forward email to cloud based services like Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google Apps without breaking Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

* For CanIt-Domain-PRO users using PostgreSQL’s streaming replication with a hot-standby database, you can configure certain nodes to direct read-only queries to the hot-standby server instead of the primary database server. If you have a geographically-dispersed cluster, this can significantly improve performance by having most queries go to the database server with the lowest round-trip latency.

* As well, in CanIt 9.2.2 the French and German translations have been updated.