Salon: Penguin Wiggles its Flippers

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“Can an upstart Linux box-maker grow like mad — and still
keep its soul?”

“The high-pitched whir of cordless electric screwdrivers fills
the air in the main manufacturing room at Penguin Computing in
downtown San Francisco. Cardboard boxes of motherboards and Pentium
III processors are stacked next to tables where men and women wield
the screwdrivers with calm efficiency, assembling CD-ROM drives,
power supplies and cooling fans.

“Penguin makes computers pre-installed with the Linux-based
operating system…”

“For Sam Ockman and Penguin’s executive vice president,
23-year-old Alison Huynh, the possibilities are tremendous: Unlike
many Linux-related companies, Penguin enjoys actual revenue and is
moving real product. The venture capitalists are suddenly calling
them, which is, as Ockman notes, “a good sign.”

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