Second Round of Our Best Personal Linux or FOSS Blog Competition

The good news is, we found plenty of great new blogs and we’ve now reached the second round in our vote. We’ve ended up with ten additional blogs to consider, in addition to the nine that were already on our list. That means voters now have a field of 19 blogs from which to choose. As with the first qualifying round, you can vote for one or two blogs. Because this is an elimination round and not a qualifying round, however, there is no longer any way to add a new blog for consideration. As Flip Wilson’s Geraldine used to say, ‘What you see is what you get.’

Next Monday, the 19th, we’ll tally the votes and reduce the field to ten great personal blogs for the third and final round. During that round, you will be able to vote for one blog and one blog only, to determine what blog will be honored by being named the FOSS Force Best Personal Linux or FOSS Blog???2013.