SRO: Should You Celebrate W2K’s Arrival?

“I don’t think Microsoft will make its Oct. 6 release to
manufacturing (RTM) date, but I do think we’ll see an RTM in ’99.
But I’d no more trust a mission-critical app to W2K 1.0 than I
would my ex-wife with my credit cards.
Still, you can go to a
customer with a straight face, box in hand, and tell them that
you’re ready to “upgrade” them…”

“But, do you really want to? For that matter, can you? There’ve
been lots of flowers thrown at 2000 for its feature sets. Allow me
to throw a few bricks….”

“If your customers want something new, give it to them: Linux,
NetWare, UnixWare. You know, the other operating systems that
require less from systems and already have proven records of