SystemRescueCd 4.8.1 Moves to Linux Kernels 4.4.17 and 4.1.30 LTS, Adds NetSurf

SystemRescueCd 4.8.1 comes one and a half months after the release of the major SystemRescueCd 4.8 branch, and it promises to update both the standard and alternative kernels to Linux kernel 4.1.30 LTS (rescue32 and rescue64) and Linux kernel 4.4.17 LTS (altker32 + altker64) respectively. Additionally, the first maintenance release in the SystemRescueCD 4.8 series updates the FSArchiver filesystem archiver tool for GNU/Linux operating systems to version 0.8.0, the Partclone backup and restore utility to version 0.2.89, and btrfs-progs Btrfs file system utilities to the new 4.6.1 build.