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Simple things to do in class when you’re bored

Having continue lectures without break or the topic which in which we don’t have interest make sometime bore, it’s the time when we want to go outside from the class but it’s not possible to us to do. We have to find something which make fun and not even caught with our teachers.
??? Try to study some other subjects
??? Complete the work of other classes which is pending or you have to submit for the next class but take permission from your teacher to do so.
??? Study some other material which help to feel you happy.
??? Read some novel which will help you
??? Take the material out for another class.
??? Arise question from your teacher which will even help to understand the topic.
??? Have something eatable
??? Have some chew gum or candy during the class which will bit divert because of taste.
??? Try some study activities
??? While getting bored try to complete some other work which is pending and you have to submit in the next class.
??? Study some other subjects in which you have interest or other material which makes you feel happy.
??? Write to do list of your weakly schedule and manage the time according to upcoming events, parties others.
??? Take some empty plan paper or some drawing book to some doodle things which will help divert you from the boring class.
??? Play some paper games, table games our use to disturb the friends next to you
??? Cover your face with book or use to sit back to friend who is bigger so that he can cover you and have a sleep.
??? Look outside the window and use to count the cars moving on road
??? You can surf internet and can take interest in online study .when you are interested in online study then you can visit UK dissertation proposal writing services etc websites that’s are too useful for you with entertainment.
??? Plan for the weekends where to go and with whom, or some movie plan with friends
??? Sit at last of class and start singing which will mentally take you out from the class
??? Read some magazine or novel keeping inside your course book which will also help to save you from teacher
??? Take your phone out play some games, chat with your friends, and use other social sites or some topics which you want to make clear.
??? Have small piece of paper write some notes or message and pass it to your friends it will work as paper message game and have fun in that also
??? Try to learn some sign language, it will help you to communicate with your friends and keep you safe from teacher.
??? Making some arts or Do origami with papers and pass them in class don’t look to close try to keep eyes in front that it pretend that you are listing to the teacher.
??? Try to learn how to rotate pencil over your thumb, firstly try it with light weighted pen or pencil and then try with others.
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