Twelve Collabora Developers Have Contributed 72 Patches to the Linux 4.13 Kernel

Linus Torvalds unveiled the Linux 4.13 kernel branch last week, a release that brought support for Intel’s Cannon Lake and Coffee Lake processor family, among lots of other improvements. For the Linux kernel 4.13 cycle, it looks like a total of twelve Collabora developers have contributed no less than 72 patches, reviewed 25 patches, tested 10 patches, and signed-off 83 patches. As for the goodies implemented by Collabora’s devs in the Linux 4.13 kernel, we can mention device tree bindings for ARM Mali Midgard GPUs, various DRM core cleanups to fix potential deadlocks and race-conditions, improvements to the virtual media controller driver, more cleanups to the mcp23s08 port expander driver, and deprecation of legacy code from the twl4030 driver.