U.S. Financial Cybersecurity Market to Grow by 23% in 2015

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I write to you to share with you some of the findings of a new research that investigated the rapidly evolving U.S. Financial Services Cybersecurity Market. According to the Banking & Financial Services Cybersecurity: U.S. Market 2015-2020 report, published by Homeland Security Research Corp in November 2014, following a remarkable 23% annual market growth, the 2015 market will reach $9.5 billion, making the U.S. financial services cybersecurity market the world’s largest non-government cybersecurity market. 67% of the U.S. Financials Services Cybersecurity market will come from the Banking Industry and Payment Card & Mobile Payment Sector. Furthermore, this report concludes that this market will be the fastest growing non-government cybersecurity market, exceeding $77 billion in cumulative 2015-2020 revenues.

US Financial Services Cybersecurity Market 2014-2020
According to the report, this unprecedented growth stems from the surge and sophistication of “successful??? cyber-attacks against the U.S. major retail chains, banks & financial services enterprises during the past year, in which over 500 million customers??? bank records and payment cards have been compromised. These recent events urged the boardrooms of the U.S. financial institutions to take immediate action.
Some of the major security breaches include:
??? The July 2014 cyber-attack on JPMorgan Chase breaching the records of more than 83 million households and businesses
??? Target stores’ payment cards and personally identifiable information (PII) on 70 million customers’ compromised records
??? Intrusions into the IMF, Citibank, NASDAQ, Fidelity Investments and Google IT infrastructure
For more information on this research please see our press release or the report page: Banking & Financial Services Cybersecurity: U.S. Market 2015-2020
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