Valve Kicks Off 2018 with Massive SteamOS Beta Update, Adds Linux Kernel 4.14

Powered by the Linux 4.14.3 kernel and using the Mesa 17.2.4 graphics stack for Intel and AMD Radeon GPUs, as well as the Nvidia 387.22 proprietary graphics driver for Nvidia GPUs, the SteamOS 2.141 Beta update is apparently a massive and complex one that updates numerous components like libdrm, libglvnd, and glx-alternatives to support new graphics drivers. SteamOS 2.141 Beta also comes with an updated X.Org Server display server component that now supports the OpenGL Vendor Neutral Dispatch Library (GLVND), and the llvm-toolchain package was bumped to version 5.0 to support the new Mesa graphics stacks. Other than that, Valve’s engineers added some video driver updates in steamos-packages.