Will 2013 finally be the Year of Linux ?

There has been some debate and consideration in recent years about when the Linux gaming platform will officially gain ground? Critics and market skeptics have wondered when it will really take off and it will be Linux’s turn to procure large portions of the market share. New games and gaming consoles geared toward this system have left many asserting that 2013 will finally be the ???year of Linux.??? But why? Controversy In the past, it seemed that those who were promoting and predicting the role of Linux were not aware of what problems it had. Disasters such as losing iD Software faltering in its support of the company and Epic Games infighting made the path to success difficult. The question of where the Linux desktop platform and software would fit in has also been called into question in the past. Yet, these controversies have seemed to subside and the key to Linux success is being predicted not on the desktop per se but in the gaming world. It is in the games that Linux is ready to make its mark in the coming year.