Wine 1.9.18 Improves Support for No Man’s Sky, Fallout 4 & Microsoft Office 2010

Among the Windows games that received improvements in Wine 1.9.18, we can mention Fallout 4, Tropico 5, Necropolis, Fable: The Lost Chapters, SAS: Secure Tomorrow, Mob Ties Tokyo, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA, Star Wars Republic Commando, Spartan Demo, Wings of Vi, Need For Speed: The Run, We Happy Few, Magic Duels, and No Man’s Sky. On the other hand, Wine 1.9.18 brings better support for the Microsoft Office 2000 Server Extensions Configuration Wizard, Microsoft Office 2010, Nabeta Jisho for Japanese, YY and Netease POPO for Chinese, SmartMusic 2012/2014, Shim Database to XML, and MiTeC System Information X applications designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system.