ZDNet: [Some Mutual Funds Reducing Microsoft Holdings]

[ This story originated in the pay area of the Wall Street
website, and was picked up by Bloomberg and
posted on
on 28 October 99. Bloomberg does not allow Linux
to quote any portions of their wire stories, even when
they are re-published by a third party such as CNET. This minor
mention of the story, within an article titled, “Can Gates the
salesman sell Win2000?”, is the first place we have seen the story
posted that we can quote. – LT ed. ]

“Gates & Co. has a knack for lining up customers just before
a product ships. In 1995, for instance, Microsoft gave Ford Motor
at least 5,000 free Win95 licenses, according to a Ford employee at
the time. In return, the auto giant promised to tout Win95 to the
press before the operating system’s official Aug. 24, 1995,

Four years later, the stakes are even higher for Microsoft with
Windows 2000. The company can ill-afford a lukewarm reception when
the operating system hits the streets early next year. Some
portfolio managers already are trimming their stock holdings in
Microsoft because of a dip in ‘future earnings’ on Microsoft’s
balance sheet. Recent sellers include First Capital Group and
Commerce Bancshares’ Commerce Growth Fund
, according to The
Wall Street Journal.

Though many financial analysts are still bullish about
Microsoft, Windows 2000 is sure to get flak from chief information
officers because of cost issues and migration problems.”

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