Bell-Labs.com: Bell Labs’ Free Linux Software Foils the Most Common Computer Security Attack

[ Thanks to Arash Baratloo for this
link. ]

“Bell Labs announced today that it is releasing free Linux
software that foils the most common form of computer security
attack. Lucent’s Libsafe software prevents electronic intruders
from overflowing an application program’s buffer memory to gain
unauthorized access to a computer.”

“Buffer overflows have been the most common form of computer
security vulnerability exploited by intruders for the past 10
years, according to a recent report published by the Oregon
Graduate Institute of Science & Technology (OGI) and funded in
part by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).”

“Linux distributors Red Hat, Inc., Linux-Mandrake, Turbolinux
and Debian GNU/Linux are working with Bell Labs to incorporate
Lucent Libsafe into their software releases. … Bell Labs is
making Libsafe freely available under the GNU Library General
Public License. Users and developers who would like further
information and the Libsafe source code can visit .”