BetaNews: More Woes for Outlook

“Microsoft Outlook has been the vehicle for many worms and
viruses in the past, and continues to provide mobility for computer
viruses getting nastier and nastier by the day. A new virus so
appropriately entitled “Killer Resume” has gained national
attention, catching the eye of the FBI this past week.”

“This virus is described as an e-mail attachment named either
“RESUME.DOC” or “EXPLORER.DOC” with the subject line of “Resume –
Janet Simons.” This virus first spreads itself via the Outlook
contact list and then proceeds to delete all files on the users
computer once the user closes the attached file.”

“Anti-viral experts are worried that the long weekend due to the
holiday will allow the virus to proliferate and have already stated
the virus is fast-spreading and Network Associates has given it a
medium-level watch. … Microsoft was criticized earlier this week
for delaying the release of a patch for Outlook that was supposed
to close the security hole making it easy for self-spreading worms
to propigate themselves and cause damage. It was set to be released
on May 22, 2000 but was not available from Windows update until
Friday May 26th.”


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