BW: Sybase has Standardized its Remote Access Program with the [InfoExpress] Remote VPN

“InfoExpress, a leader in secure extranet and remote access
solutions, today announced that Sybase, Inc. is building its global
remote access program around the InfoExpress VTCP/Secure virtual
private network (VPN) solution. The InfoExpress VPN will provide
easy remote access and connectivity for 5,000 Sybase employees,
contractors and vendors. With the InfoExpress VPN, remote users can
connect to the Sybase internal web site for sales presentations,
resources and project information, Lotus Notes and voicemail
access, and other Windows applications.”

“Many Sybase employees work out of customer sites and need to be
able to traverse the customer firewall in order to access corporate
resources. In most cases, they are able to connect their machine to
Sybase through the InfoExpress VPN without making changes to the

“Sybase has purchased four InfoExpress VPN servers, which
run on Red Hat Linux 5.2…
Configured for high stability and
security, the servers function in an East Coast/West Coast failover
mode. User access is primarily through Windows-based laptops.”

Press release