BW: Tripwire Partners With SecurityFocus.com to Expand Security Awareness

“Tripwire Inc., the leading provider of integrity assessment
solutions, today announced its partnership with SecurityFocus.com,
the premier security information portal, to provide critical
security industry content in an effort to expand the
knowledge-level and education of Tripwire’s customer base.”

The first initiative from the partnership will be the
Tripwire Newsletter, a monthly online publication providing
critical and timely industry updates such as security alerts,
market news and events, recommended reading, and the latest
Tripwire product information.
The newsletter will be tailored
according to the individual’s specified platform – Linux, Unix and
Windows NT – and e-mailed directly to Tripwire customers and
potential customers at the beginning of each month.”

“We recognized Tripwire’s leadership in data integrity and knew
its customer base would be very security-savvy, but at the same
time would be in need of ongoing updates,” said Stephanie Fohn,
SecurityFocus.com’s chief operating officer. “We are pleased to be
aligned with Tripwire so that we can achieve our mutual goal of
continuously educating the security industry.”

Press Release