Byte.com: Domain Backup, Doing RAID

Because this is a private network, connected to the
Internet via my trusty Linux-based Netwinder communications server
from rebel.com, I use a special range of IP addresses designated
for this sort of configuration, and use Network Address Translation
or NAT, on the Netwinder to translate those private addresses into
the IP address assigned to me by my ISP.

“Because I’m set up this way, I run DNS internally for Chaos
Manor on Imperator, and then have Imperator ask the Netwinder to
look up external addresses on the Internet. All the machines at
Chaos Manor are set up this way; the drawback is that if Imperator
goes down, they don’t know how to resolve DNS names into IP

“Microsoft’s DNS service for Windows NT was pretty primitive;
nobody much used it, preferring instead to use Bind running on Unix
machines of one flavor or another to provide DNS mappings. I still
recommend using Bind on a Unix box for anything connected to the
public Internet, but for a private network using Windows 2000
Server, the Microsoft DNS service has improved to the point where
it’s Good Enough.”


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