c’t: Danger from uninvited guests on the Windows PC

“It was hardly possible not to hear the uproar triggered by the
new Back-Orifice version. But there are several other less known
relatives of these hacker tools lurking in the Internet that are
just as dangerous – no matter whether they are called Trojan
Horses, viruses or remote management tools.”

“Up to now there was much less commotion around SubSeven,
Hack’a’Tack, Deep Throat, NetSphere and other cousins of the
backdoor celebrities. Nevertheless the analysts of the Data Fellows
virus laboratories write about the SubSeven author Mobman: ‘His
backdoor is the currently most advanced out there’. And also
Network Associates (McAfee) attest a ‘high risk potential’ for
SubSeven – while BO2K is only recognizes as a medium-size

“Windows backdoors offer an attacker almost unrestricted access
to the victims’ computer…”

“Unfortunately the virus scanners so far only fight
half-heartedly against the threat from backdoor servers.”