Hacking, Old-School

“When you mention hacking in the general public, the image most
people think of is a nerdy guy breaking into a computer system from
his bedroom. This month, I take a look at some of the tools
available to do exactly that. Of course, this is for information
purposes only, so please don’t do anything nasty. Remember, with
great power comes great responsibility. Most people have heard of
tools like Nmap or Nessus, but here I look at some other available
tools for playing with networks.

“The granddaddy of network utilities is tcpdump. This utility
simply listens to all network traffic going by and records the
packets for later analysis. If you have more than one network
interface, you can select which one to listen to with the option -i
interface. By default, tcpdump puts your network card into
promiscuous mode, so it can record all packets that exist on the
network cable. If you want to limit the packets recorded simply to
those destined for your machine, use the -p option to turn off
promiscuous mode. Lots of options are available to tcpdump, so
check out the man page for more details.”


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