InfoWorld-Window Manager: You may be surprised by my Product of the Year

“The Window Manager 1999 Product of the Year is Linux.”

“Linux wins because it’s challenging Microsoft’s No. 1
server software position.”

“Linux… is changing the playing field. Its share of the server
OS market is growing, not contracting. Its “open source” philosophy
lets it evolve in ways Microsoft products can’t. And because it’s
free (or nearly so), Microsoft can’t easily kill Linux by giving
applications away…”

“… Microsoft surrendered the Product of the Year race, in my
book, by default. Microsoft has left such gaping holes in Windows
that real competition may be the only way to rebuild it into a
trusted platform.”

“… Ship now, security later. Plunging headlong in pursuit of
its “Put the Internet in Everything” credo, Microsoft has opened up
severe risks to users of consumer Windows.”

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