InternetNews.com: Curador Taunts Police Over Site Break-Ins

“Curador, the cracker who has stolen credit cards from at least
eight small e-commerce sites and then posted them online, is
growing more brazen by the minute.”

“In an interview with InternetNews Wednesday, Curador
claimed he has hit five new Web firms and will soon publish
hundreds more stolen credit card numbers at a new site, which he
said he registered using one of the stolen cards.”

“After hitting his first site, Shopping Thailand, on Jan. 31,
Curador has so far eluded arrest. In February, Curador stole and
posted credit cards from mobile phone provider ProMobility,
LTAmedia, a self-improvement products site, and the homepage of the
American Society of Clinical Pathologists. Curador’s most recent
victims include NTD, a Web development firm in the U.K., Vision
Computers, a computer retailer, as well as Sales Gate, an ecommerce
portal, and online herbalist Feelgood Falls.”

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