Linux Today Summary, September 7 – September 12

Here’s a summary of the most popular stories posted to Linux
Today during the last week.

Most Viewed Stories

LinuxPR: Linux Gets Two Journaling File Systems Next

(5100 reads) (Sep 6)
“Stephen Tweedie is leading the ext2 camp’s foray into journaling,
while Chris Mason is being joined by most of the entire reiserfs
team in the last sprint to get journaling out the door.”

Red Hat Linux Beta Release

(4606 reads) (by Cristian) (Sep 6)
“Red Hat, Inc. is looking for a few brave hackers to try, test,
break, and experiment on our latest beta release.”

Richard Stevens has passed away

(4360 reads) (by Alexander L. Belikoff) (Sep 7)
“Many people will miss him a lot.”

32BitsOnline: Where There’s Smoke, There’s

(4352 reads) (by Clifford Smith) (Sep 8)
“The best–and only–thing Microsoft can do for the Open Source
Community, in general, and Linux, in particular, is to ship Windows

Perens: Sun’s StarOffice Release: Is It Really What You

(4287 reads) (by Bruce Perens) (Sep 7)
“This essay clears up some mis-reporting and discusses implications
of the StarOffice release.”

Most Actively Discussed Stories

Globe: Lesson’s of a waylaid ‘giant-slayer’

(25 talkbacks posted) (Sep 7)
“But mention Red Hat and Linux to Aubrey Edwards, group product
manager for Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows NT upgrade Windows
2000, and he seems almost on the verge of stifling a yawn. “When
you look at the hype versus the reality today,” says Edwards,
“there is a big disconnect.”

IDG.net: Microsoft, Linux to become duopoly?

(25 talkbacks posted) (Sep 8)
“A duopoly could occur in the operating systems space where
binaries only run on Microsoft Windows and source code only
compiles on Linux…”

Journal: Will Linux conquer the desktop? Not without Linux

(25 talkbacks posted) (Sep 12)
“It’s not just a matter of user-friendliness. Security matters
too–especially the kind of security that safeguards new users.”

new open license for the world.

(23 talkbacks posted) (Sep 7)
“GPOL means General Public Open License.”

Net: Java’s guru spills the beans

(23 talkbacks posted) (Sep 8)
“[Gosling:] The inter-operability problems with Linux are just
horrible. You have to be excruciatingly careful because all the
different flavours of Linux are all slightly different.”