LinuxSecurity.com: Linux Security Week – May 22nd, 2000

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D. Thomas
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“Greetings! Welcome to yet another edition of Linux Security
week. Last week was certainly an active week for LinuxSecurity.com.
Beginning last Monday, ten different advisories were released. Two
were attributed to the LYNX vunerability, two covered Kerberos, and
the others ranged from PAM vulnerabilities to a Netscape fix. We
recommend that you take a little extra time this week to review all
of the new advisories released. As always, if you have any
questions, please feel free to contact us.”

“After the ‘LoveBug’ hype cooled off, the news has remained
steady. Security issues seem to be getting more and more attention
from the mainstream media. Hopefully all of this speculation will
cause a greater number computer users to be security conscious. T
his week, a few interesting papers were released. “Watching your
Logs”, “Apache: The Definitive Guide”, and “Security Scanners for
Linux” are definite reads. “Watching your Logs”, by Lance Spitzner
discusses various ways on how to automate log filtering. It is easy
to read and covers a broad range of information. Apache: The
Definitive Guide” is an excerpt from the actual 2nd edition book.
“Security Scanners for Linux” outlines different scanners to help
harden a Linux system. We hope these you find these papers
enjoyable and have a great week.”

“Thank you for reading LinuxSecurity.com’s weekly security
newsletter. The purpose of this document is to provide our
readers with a quick summary of each week’s most relevant Linux
security headlines and system advisories.
It is distributed
each Monday by Guardian Digital, Inc.”


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